In our present days, the usage of baby shower for candy jar favors has been so familiar with people and  in several themes. They are such an inexpensive and fun gift. Below I will give you some compliments of this.



In the matter of a week, I found one of my friends is getting remarried; another one is having a baby, and another friend having a girl’s weekend getaway. Somehow, I found myself on the guest list of all of them. Not just on the guest list, but I’ve been recruited to help with the planning of all three events! Needless to say I am touched, but I’m also in my mid 30’s……even I have to admit my brain doesn’t work as it used to (I won’t even mention that I have to read the Sunday paper 2 times a day because whatever I read about with my morning coffee is gone after the dinner dishes are cleaned). However, my friends entrust me with their confidence in helping create a fun, inexpensive way to show all their joys… that I think about it, this is a lot of pressure! What do I do?


So with no time to waste I swallow my ginkgo biloba and get to work! Luckily, none of my friends run in the same group, so I pat myself on the back by being able to come up with something that can be used for all three occasions… solution……candy jar favors! Think about it, they’re perfect! They’re inexpensive, they can be personalized, and they’re reusable…..let me rationalize….


For my friend’s re-marriage, she specified that for her first marriage, she went all out. This time, the celebration was going to be in a much smaller scale, but just as special. Her budget was a fraction of the first wedding, but she still wanted the favors to be great. Enter personalized candy jars. The labels can be customized with the wedding date, the bride and grooms names, or a special thank you to the guests. The jars can be filled with an array of items such as candies that match the colors of the wedding, chocolate kisses, rice or bird seed that can be thrown at the ceremony, or wildflower seeds guests can plant and can think lovingly of the new couple every time they see the beautiful flowers in their garden. Party crisis #1 solved!


Onto the baby shower….what better favors than the candy jars? Again, personalized labels are added as the perfect start. The jars can be filled with candies, gumballs, gummy bears, anything the guest of honor can think of to coordinate with her baby shower theme (or anything she happens to be craving!). Afterward, the jars can be used to hold little trinkets. From cotton balls to rings, these jars are extremely versatile! 2 down, 1 to go…


Being in our 30’s, it’s hard to come up with things that women like to do that doesn’t involve children or heading to the bar and compete with people a quarter of our age. So my friend came up with a great get away….a spa weekend! We are going to get together and indulge all weekend in mud baths, facials, massages, and pedicures! She wanted to go a step further and give a favor to her guests to remember the relaxing weekend and save costs. Candy jars to the rescue! As always, start with a personalized label to remember the weekend. Next, she is creating homemade masks, scrubs, lotions, and salts to use during the weekend and long after (when we need our own getaway, but the furthest we can go is our bathrooms)!


There you have it…3 parties, 1 favor! I’m proudly going to submit my ideas to my friends who will throw their own party for me for being so creative (another idea for candy jars…boy am I on a row)!!


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