What should i charge for video production?… Pricing your videos may be the single most obscure and difficult thing about owning a production company especially if you’re just getting started. You may wonder how much your clients are willing to pay and how much your videography is actually worth. You may be scared to charge much because you don’t want to lose out on business because of overcharging but you also don’t want to miss out on money because you are too cheap.

Pricing is very important to your success! It’s relative to what market/city you’re located in, your skill level, experience, and confidence for charging, but in this video I share 7 steps to price any video.

Here are some things to consider:
• Always custom quote your videos because it makes it easier to raise your prices over time and there are just too many variable to make “packages”
• Know your hourly rate, but don’t charge by or tell your client your hourly rate. Your hourly rate should just be used to figure out how much you should quote for a project
• Don’t be scared to price your video for a bit more than you are comfortable with because often times videographer quote less than they could simply because they don’t have confidence in themselves

I hope this helps you price your video production more effectively!

How Much Does Corporate Video Production Cost?


Asking “How much will it cost to make a video?” is like asking “How long is a piece of string?”… Obviously it depends. Watch this video to discover what really affects corporate video production prices. With a little creative thinking and some planning you can get a great looking video within your budget.

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